Monday, January 7, 2008

The Pedagogue--Educating Montana

My name is David Roll. My father, Charley Roll, completed this book, "The Pedagogue--Educating Montana" in the early '80s, but never saw it published before he passed away. He taught in rural schools in Montana for over 40 years and I believe had some unique insights into education which I thought were worth sharing. He would undoubtedly be bemused and disappointed by some of the current trends in education. I made it my first task in retirement to substantially shorten, edit, and rewrite the manuscript. A brief description of the book is as follows: "To survive in rural Montana, an impoverished pedagogue is forced to live in two radically different worlds–one of thought and learning as a teacher, the other rough and vulgar, as a section hand working on the railroad. It is a compelling, ribald story–full of humor, pathos, hope, and educational challenges–some would say the rural counterpart to Frank McCourt’s Teacher Man. The book is also a love story about a man who is moved by great poetry and conflicted by his passions, but who ultimately suppresses his more base desires and conforms to the norms of society." Those interested in reading the first chapter of the book (or even purchasing it!) can go to the following site:

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